About therapeutic hypnosis and hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a method of immersing a person into the trance state. The trance state is a state in which the unconscious is more active and the consciousness less strictly performs the functions of an internal censor. Each of us is in a trance state at least 2 times a day during a whole life – these are 5-10 minutes before bedtime, and 5-10 minutes before waking up. People who practice yoga, meditations and other spiritual practices – get to the trance state more often and may manage this state much better.

What is hypnotherapy? This is the use of hypnosis in psychotherapy. Hypnotherapy is a method of treating a person’s nervous system by creating new ideas in the patient’s subconscious, new answers, thoughts, feelings, and relationships.

Also, hypnotherapy is an effective tool for changing personal attitudes, programs and behavioral patterns. With the help of hypnotherapy, we can change your inner and programmed attitude to your own health, attitude to people, to situations. We can change you from the inside!

For example, we can make shy person brave. We can make others respect you, hear you. It becomes easy for you to defend your opinion, etc. Other people, feeling subconsciously that you became different, begin to change in relation to you. Other people carry eventivity into your life. Having changed in relation to you, they bring another eventivity into your life. Your life is changing. This is the beginning of modeling your future, your destiny.

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Our main methods of treatment

Therapeutic hypnosis (Kiev)

The method of hypnosis provides an increase in the production of dopamine, endorphins and serotonin. If we add a suggestion, then we have a powerful therapeutic effect with the possibility of deprogramming destructive programs.


Hypnoanalysis is a psychoanalysis in a trance state. The potential of internal resistance decreases and a person opens up possibilities of deeper self-knowledge. This is an analysis of events and reactions to them in a trance state.

Traditional Hypnotherapy

The findings clearly show that the hypnotherapy method is more effective and takes less time to achieve a sufficient level of effectiveness compared to other psychotherapeutic methods.

Projective hypnotherapy

The method of projective hypnotherapy is qualitatively different from traditional hypnotherapy. It begins with a request to draw a picture in which the client shows himself in the so-called place of the disease – as he sees himself in relation to the external environment. Next, the therapist integrates the plot of the drawing into the process.


From the point of hypomedicine, we are interested in the information component. The questions that we asked and which are in our area of interest are the study of the efficiency of the information that is used as a suggestive influence during a trance state.

Hypnotic gestalt

Hypnotic gestalt – is a gestalt therapy in a trance state. Through gestalt therapy, the therapist changes, creates and strengthens the new image of the patient’s personality. The therapist helps the patient to identify, realize and analyze engrams – memory cells, charged with negative emotions or pain, removing from them the emotional load.

Y. Medvin
Doctor of Psychology, Professor

Y. Krymlova
Postgraduate student at UMO APN Ukraine, psychologist-consultant


Y. Rul
Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor


I. Zherebetsky
Hypnologist, Instructor of Wellness Gymnastics HADU

Manual therapist, massage therapist

K. Kutishenko
Gipnolog, assistant professor’s Medvin U.

Our auxiliary treatment methods


Therapeutic and restorative effects are manifested indirectly through the activation of the central nervous mechanisms regulating the vegetative functions, mental and physical activity, emotions and behavior, i.e. through the increase of nonspecific resistance of the organism. Not a medical device.

Transcranial electrostimulation

An urgent task of the subject opened in this study is the integration of hypnotherapy protocols into the process of transcranial electrostimulation. The essential task of the subject that is under discussion is the allocation of the standard characteristics of the treatment of exposure, which are with a higher level of effectiveness.

Molecular Hydrogen Treatment

Attention! This information is unique – it is extremely important to understand how important the “right” water is to our body. This information is given to those who want to understand what hydrogen water is, to understand the properties and meanings of atomic and bound hydrogen. References to scientific sources are given which disclose this topic with more details.

Author programs of Yuri Medvin

Soul Memory Recovery - Regressive Hypnosis Program

5um7b900This method of regressive hypnosis helps to restore the memory that has been blocked in us since birth. With the activation of the energy-information channel and admission to the level of conscious awareness of fragments of the forced-forgotten experience, we go beyond the limits of existence as biological robots and take the path of the spiritual formation of our destiny.

Neurophysiological reprogramming is the key to a new person

44945831Look into yourself. You have a reserve, which, if it is opened, will give you new colors, new music and new wonders in your life. A change in personal characteristics will lead you to a new perception of the World, to a new sensation of the World and to a new interaction with it. Your life will change drastically. For the better!

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Myths about hypnosis and hypnotherapy

People may be not sure about using hypnosis to achieve their goals because of a number of myths around this topic. Often people are afraid that during hypnosis they will not have control over their own body. This is far from the truth, as a person must agree to be hypnotized and properly make up the mind to hypnosis.
Another myth that a person loses consciousness under hypnosis. This is also not true, since the person is aware of everything that is happening, while he / she is in a state of deep relaxation. The state of deep relaxation is not at all that the person is unconscious.
Another myth is that you can get stuck in a “state of hypnosis” without being able to get out of it. This is also a delusion! A person can always get out of this state and often even without the help of a hypnotherapist.
Another common myth is that you can solve your problem in a few sessions of hypnotherapy. It’s a delusion! Short-term hypnotherapy (up to five sessions) in the treatment of psychopathology does not bring stably fixed results. The patient may feel better after the third / fifth session. However, this improvement will last up to a maximum of three months, after which the symptoms will return. Short-term hypnotherapy is advisable only when funds are limited and when a three-month improvement in symptoms is sufficient for certain life goals / circumstances.

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