Treatment of mental disorders and pathologies with the help of TDCS (Transcranial direct current stimulation)

In the middle of previous century, during the investigation of practical use of hardware electrical narcosis, it was opened that direct electrostimulation of definite part of the brain stem may cause a distinct analgesia effect of animals [98]. Thereafter, this result was called stimulation analgesia, and the part of the brain, taking part in the process was called antinociceptive (АТС). More elaborate studying of АТС confirmed the participation of the system not only in the regulation of pain sensitivity, but in homeostatic regulation of some disordered body functions. The brain system that was being investigated (the hypothalamus nucleus, grey matter of the midbrain, pons varolii nucleus and medulla oblongata) uses opioid substances, such as neurotransmitters and neuromodulators [author’s abstract of Y. Medvin].

Due to these conclusions the machine for electrostimulation of ATC was produced. With the sagittal position of electrodes, low-current pulses get in the base elements of АТС, namely in ventromedial hypothalamus, 4th ventricular floor, periaqueductal grey, causing analgesic effect. As a result, beta-endorphins (BE) are being produced with the increased concentration in the cerebrospinal fluid and blood. Also, serotonin mechanisms of ATC have an active part in the TDCS process and they are related to BE producing. Considering that blocking matters of serotonin receptors suppress analgesic effect of TDCS, and serotonin-positive matters amplify the analgesia effect, the conclusion may be done, that serotonin-positive matters don’t cause any addiction or other side-effects.

Recently, the other advantageous effect of TDCS was discovered. Endorphins, being produced into the blood, have a suppressive effect to the nociceptors. The effect of TDCS may be very useful in pain syndromes, which are after-effects of inflammatory processes, as it is shown that irritable nerve endings in the place of inflammatory process become more sensitive to the suppressive effect of endorphins.

The top task of the subject, opened in the actual investigation, is the integration of hypnotherapy transactions into TDCS process. The fundamental task of the subject includes allocating of standard characteristics of therapy effects, featured with the increased level of efficiency.

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Yuri Medvin,
Doctor of medical psychotherapy, professor, hypnotherapist.