Treatment methods used at the Center for Rehabilitation Hypnotherapy

Efficiency is primarily guaranteed by effective and tried-and-true methods. The methods that are used by our employees are primarily tested in practice and have a high level of efficiency.

Each of the methods described below is popular and based in science. Some of them are based on practitioners’ vast experience with numerous links on the Internet, while others are based on scientific dissertations

Картинка МОЗГ

Let’s talk about the effectiveness of therapeutic hypnosis:

“If I fall asleep during hypnotherapy, isn’t there a decrease in performance?”

– Even if you fall asleep, this type (the depth) of sleep is superficial, i.e. upper theta range. You hear, but do not listen, and do not register the meaning of the words spoken by the hypnotherapist. Because there is amnesia (you do not remember what was said) – this does not mean that you have not heard these words. Hearing is one of the last sensory perceptions to cease in an unconscious state. Even in deep coma hearing is active, and working. Abroad during surgical operations under general anesthesia, a special supervisor is present in order to eliminate unnecessary conversations that may act as post-hypnotic commands in this state. Thus, falling asleep does not decrease the effectiveness of the therapeutic treatment. Sleep to your health!

The device for transcranial electrostimulation is used to produce an additional portion of Beta-endorphins in cases of endorphine starvation in a patient. This normalizes blood pressure, works with pain syndrome, accelerates healing processes, stimulates immunity, helps in the treatment of alcohol and drug addictions, as well as normalizes psychophysiological and emotional status, and reduces emotional arousal.

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Технология гипноаудиовизуальной стимуляции вегетативной нервной системы дает ни с чем несравнимую возможность работать с психоэмоциональным состоянием без медикаментов, с повышенным воздействием целенаправленных установок и внушений и без формирования зависимости.

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Гипноанализ – это психоанализ в трансовом состоянии. Уменьшается потенциал внутреннего сопротивления и человек открывает в себе возможности более глубокого самопознания. Это – анализ состояния.

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Through gestalt therapy, the therapist creates and strengthens the holistic image of the patient’s personality. The therapist helps the patient to identify, recognize and analyze engrams – memory cells charged with negative emotions or pain.

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This type of therapeutic hypnosis, used by psychiatrists, psychotherapists and psychologists in the West, is especially common in the United States. Traditionally, therapists help clients recover memories of forgotten situations from early childhood in order to identify and rewrite painful situations — root problems that provoke fears,complexes and negative behaviors. Or, when we talk about progression, to bring consciousness into the future, when a person has coped with their illness and no longer experiences the symptoms they complained of.

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АТС – это последовательной глубины альтернативные состояния сознания, которые достигаются при активной жизнедеятельности. Как результат, практикующий получает доступ к резервам психики, дающие ему значительное превосходство в качестве выживания в нашем мире.

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  • Author’s method based on the work of Michael Newton (LBL method)

The author’s development and the main difference from M. Newton’s method is as follows:

  • Movement of the Point of Self-consciousness to the Higher SelfThe process of merging of the Point of Self-consciousness with the Higher Self.
  • Integration into the process of so called sensomotor psychosynthesis. Using an integrative approach: the Seer connects to the process that moves his self-consciousness to the Client’s
  • Information and Energy Channel by the way of information flow. The seer, not the client, voices the information by answering the moderator’s questions.

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