How to lose weight using therapeutic hypnosis and hypnotherapy

Leading nutritionists say weight loss cannot be too fast. Otherwise, the weight is gained again and the practitioner initiates the “yo-yo” state – that is, a quick reset then a weight gain. This is very harmful to the body and is fraught with consequences in the failure of metabolic cycles.

I personally have the same life experience from the age of 18 .. From rigid diets such as Macrobiotics diet No. 7 (brown rice and water for 10 days), to long-term vegetarianism, up to 10 day fast on only water and juice – and so almost all my life. By the age of 50 – a decrease in metabolism, a large enough stomach (for me large) and liver problems (I do not drink alcohol). There is gouty arthritis. There was a time when I thought that I could cure ANY disease by fasting and diets.

My last macrobiotic diet (half a year ago) created a huge imbalance in my body, from which I got out using bio-reparative organic I/N nano-therapy for two months.

After a 3-hour consultation with our doctor, I found out the following information:

thumb_15421_news_mainThere is a Kwashiorkor scheme explaining how you can harm already suffering certain pathologies of the liver and pancreas. The pathology of these organs determines very weighty contraindications for fasting (VLDL in the diagram is VLDL) and strict restrictive diets. 

When a person eats protein-poor foods and especially when his diet is very low in calories (this is especially true for starvation), a syndrome known as Kwashiorkor may occur.

In this case, the liver begins to experience a decrease in protein synthesis, which leads to a decrease in serum albumin. This, in turn, can lead to swelling. And a decrease in the volume of very low density lipoproteins (VLDL) – to the development of fatty degeneration of the liver – fatty hepatosis. In turn, a decrease in the activity of Hb synthesis can lead to the development of anemia.

At the same time, a starving person can experience a sharp impairment of intestinal function, and due to a lack of the necessary amino acids, the synthesis of pancreatic enzymes and the renewal of intestinal mucosal cells will suffer. Acute inflammatory processes, infections, and liver diseases may occur.

Here I will insert a comment. After 3 days of diet, as never before, the inflammatory process (arthritis) began. Affected almost all joints, even those that had never hurt before. Those on hunger strike may argue that the cleansing process has begun. But I have never experienced such a reaction in my entire long experience. Even taking into account the fact that I withstood all 10 days of the diet, the pain did not stop for a rather long time. Only our bio-reparative nano-therapy helped me get out of this crisis, and then only after two months.


Animal proteins are more valuable in their amino acid composition than vegetable proteins (e.g. cereal proteins). The reason is the rather low content of some essential amino acids in them. There are few tryptophan and lysozyme in maize, and methionine is not enough in legumes.

Only protein food provides the human need for all amino acids. When eating protein foods, the development of a deficiency of even one amino acid is unlikely. Such a deficiency becomes possible with starvation and some pathological conditions. For example, for sufficient synthesis of serotonin, up to 1% tryptophan is needed.

Now two examples from pathology:

  • With malignant intestinal carcinosis, the amount of tryptophan necessary for the synthesis of the desired amine reaches 60%. Of course, tryptophan deficiency is created. Such a deficiency causes the rapid development of cataracts (author’s note: what also happened to me), atrophy of the testes, hyperplasia of the gastric mucosa;
  • You can introduce cysteine, methionine (sulfur-containing amino acids) into the body. We work with very useful peptide complexes (and not only!) That have amino acid residues.

16In view of the above, our doctor offers a weight loss program lasting 8-12 months with constant supervision, regulation and, if necessary, flexible adjustment of the process. A sample plan for a weight loss program might look like this:

  • During the initial consultation, the doctor directs the client to take blood and urine tests. We recommend the independent Sinevo laboratory.
  • The client goes through 10 sessions of the hypothesis “Time Line Therapy”.
  • The client goes through 10 sessions of the hypnotic program “Changing Subconscious Programs”.
  • The client goes through 10 sessions of the hypnosis “Modeling his body.”
  • The client comes to consult with a doctor.
  • The client undergoes monthly intermediate tests of blood and urine (if there is a need).
  • The doctor offers specialized V/M therapy of bio-reparative organic matter, accelerating the metabolism of the body.
  • The program ends with favorable results and post-diagnostics (the same analysis taken at the beginning of the program).

During the program, the doctor, if necessary, can offer other methods of alternative medicine.

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Yuri  Medvin,
Doctor of Science in Medical Psychology, Professor, Hypnotherapist