Yuri Medvin – Doctor of Science in Medical Psychology, Professor, Hypnotherapist

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Yuri Medvin is a Ukrainian scientist in the field of medical psychology, hypnology and hypnotherapy, professor, doctor of science in the field of medical psychology, director of the Scientific Research Institute of Progressive Psychology and Innovative Technologies, Chairman of the board of the International Association of Hypnology. Holder of the Order of “Honour Badge” UTA.

Dr. Yuri MEDVIN, graduated medical psychologist (Ukraine, 2015), certified hypnologist (USA: Institute for Regressive Hypnosis, 1999), certified hypnotherapist (USA: American Psychotherapeutic Association, 1997) professional training coach, full member of the American Academy of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology (USA), full member of the Ukrainian Technological Academy (Ukraine: UTA), associate member of the American Association of Psychotherapists (USA), associate member of the Ukrainian Association of Psychotherapists (Ukraine), one of the founders of the International Association of Hypnology in Ukraine.

A native of Alma-Ata; lived 19 years in the USA, working as a professor at the Department of Practical Psychology of the State University in California. He devoted many years to researches of the development of consciousness and human potential. He studied the psychology of gifted children and created development programs based on these studies. He holds lectures and seminars on therapeutic (clinical) hypnosis, regressive and progressive psychotherapy, the method of conscious dying. Dr. Medvin has author’s work by the method of Michael Newton and Dolores Cannon. Participant and speaker of international congresses on auto-training in New Orleans (1998), London (2001), New York (2003), Los Angeles (2006). He has intellectual rights to eight technologies and programs.

Job. Yuri Medvin was a Professor of Psychology in California State University (1994-2007); Professor of the International Personnel Academy (International Personnel Academy – member of the European Network of National Information Centers for Academic Recognition and Mobility of the Council of Europe UNESCO); Professor of the Department of Medical Psychology and Psychocorrection of the Institute of Social Sciences of the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management. From 2009 to 2014 he taught psychology at the National Pedagogical University. M.P. Dragomanova. At this time he led the laboratory of scientific experimental hypnosis under the Research Institution of Progressive Psychology and Innovative Technologies and he was the head of the cabinet of psychoemotional unloading. Dr. Medvin is the author of the manuals “Principles of Hypnology”, “Hypnologist-Practitioner”, “Hypnotherapy of psychopathological states” and several training programs. Hi is a practicing hypnologist, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the scientific peer-reviewed journal “Evidentiary Psychology”.

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Diplomas. Only the necessary diplomas and certificates have been presented to confirm the qualification.
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Publications: two monographs of 86 scientific articles, three textbooks, two published books.
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Find out more details about the LBL method conducted by Yuri Medvin:
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Y. Medvin participated in the STB project “I’m shy of my body” as a hypnotherapist.


Successful projects and scientific interest

1993. Dr. Medvin received a grant “Study of pedagogical structures.” He was personally studying the structure, methods and philosophy of the pedagogical structures of 17 countries (Western Europe, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, Argentina, Chile, Mexico) for 1 year and 3 months. Arrived from the trip, his team published an article on the comparative analysis of the level of education in the graduation of secondary school pupils in these countries, what was the beginning of reforms in methods and educational programs in several states of America.

1996. Initiated the project at School “Encina” (California State), setting the following priority goals:

  • Improving marks of students with a low level of academic English
  • Helping in the process of assimilation of these students into the general educational environment
  • Integration of theoretical developments in bilingual education
  • Development and integration of the accelerated ESOL program based on the method of Gregory Lozanov – “The use of binaural tones for improving the level of perception of information flows.”
  • Improvement of the ability of academic English reading (understanding factor).

“Encina project” led to the following conclusions:

  • Suggestopedic principles (Dr. G. Lozanov, 1971), used with high school students, led to a triple increase in the actual knowledge of English (vocabulary, stylistic units, etc.).
  • This method showed a positive effect in: a) academic progress, b) students’ motivation, c) literary skills, d) memorization of information, e) factor of understanding, and e) pupil`s behavior.

2004. Participated in the international project “Indigo Research” at the Brain Institute in Belgium, which led to the following conclusions:

  • The phenomenon of “Indigo” is objective and provable;
  • The epiphysis of the “Indigo Children” differs structurally from the epiphysis of ” Not Indigo Children”;
  • “Indigo” thinking (called “Indigo Resonance”) is the synchronization of the right and left hemispheres of the brain (often spontaneously, but sometimes with self-control, which is manifested by the phenomenon of a brightly expressed “screen” with closed eyes; “eidetism”);
  • At the same time (see above) physiological changes occur in the brain of the subject (active-marked growth of synaptic connections between the right and left hemispheres), which are noticeable by electronic scanning devices (tomograph);
  • It is possible to create special software that will create conditions for increasing the amount of short memory, speeding up the processing of the information unit itself (a series of special programs based on the binaural effect was created).

2003-2006. Studied the so-called. “Waves of Schumann”. The scientific source of them is: Professor of Munich University Schumann described the waves of, many times rounding the Earth, ultralow frequencies. The formation of standing waves in the Earth’s ionosphere was subsequently called the Schumann resonance.
The nuclear physicist Robert Becker, measuring the waves of the brain of psychics during external vision sessions, established that these waves coincide with Schumann waves in frequency. Additionally, the waves of the right and left hemispheres at the moments of remote action of psychics were equal in frequency (synchronized) but were opposite in amplitude. Such opposition of waves on their amplitude leads to the formation of standing waves, the feature of which is the transformation of one type of energy into another.
An interesting fact is that Schumann’s resonance is able to interact with standing waves (waves of the “Indigo”) of the hemispheres working synchronously.

«My hypothesis is that at the moment of the resonance between the waves of Schumann and the waves of the Indigo, the subject gets access to a colossal source of natural energy, with the help of which, the impact on material objects (on their subatomic structures) is possible.» Yuri Medvin

The above described “Indigo Children” theoretically have great opportunities for such resonance, it means, that they can synchronize their hemispheres for processing a large flow of information. Some of them create such conditions spontaneously, while others can easily learn to control the possibility of resonance consciously.
The moment of occurrence of a resonance is subjectively described by them as the appearance of a mental “screen (s)” with clearly expressed characteristics. In many cases, the “screen” has a bright inner background and clearly defined boundaries on the perimeter.
Based on these findings, training programs have been set up, whose goal is to activate and control (turn on, off, duration) capabilities of the person.


2008 – 2013. Working on a scheme of experimental work with this phenomenon.
There is a hypothesis that the words and thoughts of the “Indigo” subjects can materialize much faster, in the case of resonance of the brain waves (synchronizing of both hemispheres) and standing waves of Schumann (7.83 Hertz). The result of this resonance is the possibility of converting energy from one kind into another: for example, the energy of the word and thought is transformed into concrete events. Of course, for this it is necessary to create a control-training course of training exercises that will experience the possibilities of developed eidetic imagery.

I think that it is possible to achieve the “Resonance of Indigo” in non-Indigenous subjects, with the help of program of Y. Medvin based on the development of eidetic imagery (see the description of the program). Participants of this program will have the possibility of a controlled “switching on” of the synchronization of both hemispheres of the brain with the subsequent occurrence of an Indigo resonance (7.83 Hertz).

In this case, the usual non-Indigo subject can have such potential opportunities:

  • to plan the future development of events in their lives;
  • to correct possible negative consequences of events that have not occurred yet, but, with a high probability, they can happen;
  • to harmonize the different spheres of own life (interpersonal relations);
  • to monitor the events of the environment with a greater degree of predictability;
  • it is easy to learn any information, processing information flow of any volume with an increased level of ease;
  • to control the level of stress resistance;
  • it is easy to get in and stay in resource states, in which:
    1) the energy potential of the subconscious increases,
    2) a negative emotional charge is removed from the engrams that are in the reactive part of the subconscious (memory units modulated by pain experience),
    3) the level of perception of information flows increases,
    4) increases the quality of reproduction of the content of the so-called. long memory,
    5) and other numerous characteristics showing an increased level of stability and potential capabilities of the human psyche.

The fact that thought and word are material, science has more than once confirmed experimentally. At the end of the last century, the scientific world was agitated by the results of experiments of the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto, who clearly demonstrated that water under the influence of our thoughts, emotions and words changes its structure. In other words, water has a “memory”.
According to the experts of quantum physics, the basis of the universe is a single vibration frequency, capable to transfer our emotions to all surrounding objects, including water.
A vivid example of the impact of the Word can be an experiment of a group of Russian scientists, a description of which is contained in the interview of Academician P. Garyayev to the NRS edition (“The New Russian Word”).

The core of the experiment is: the researchers irradiated plant grains in 10,000 X-rays. With such a huge dose of radiation in the seeds, even the chromosomes are destroyed. Then, the grains were divided into two groups. The first group was treated with a certain spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, which was “imposed” with an acoustic signal in the form of a human voice, asking the seeds to restore their original natural properties. The second group was affected by the same spectrum of electromagnetic radiation, but a set of random words not connected with each other was used as an acoustic signal. As a result, the seeds of the first group completely restored their properties, and the seeds of the second group died irretrievably.

The experiments of Masaru Emoto and P. Garyaev convincingly prove that the “Word” is not just the sound expression of a certain subject of thought, it is some amount of energy through which the effect is observed.

Complexes of functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI scanners) allowed to look into the working brain of a person and find out which areas of it become active or depressed in case of luck, grief, depression, stormy joy, satisfaction with their social status.

Thus, thanks to the latest generation of tomographs, it was revealed that all the ills and misfortunes are clearly related to the activity of some areas of the brain, and luck, success, happiness and prosperity, and satisfaction with life are the result of the activities of other parts of the brain.

With the help of the same scanners it was found that sound waves of ultralow frequency are able to activate certain parts of the brain, getting into resonant wave interactions with them. For each segment of the brain responsible for this or that state of our being, the own frequency of activation is characteristic. In combination with a purposeful therapeutic suggestion during the hypnotherapeutic sessions, you can achieve phenomenal results.

«I also think that in the case of a controlled “Resonance of Indigo” it will be possible to include some parts of the brain and turn off the others quite consciously, while creating new opportunities for improving of life conditions and increasing the creativity potential for solving vital tasks.

I also think that it becomes possible to activate the potential capabilities of the human brain, when both hemispheres work synchronously, staying in the so-called resource states. In this case, the learning program ceases to be a training and becomes a platform for creating a synthesis of individual experience with a new state of human existence. » Yuri Medvin

2014 -. Studying the experimental hypnotherapeutic approach as a method of correction of psychological disorders: such as affective disorders, dissociative disorders, personality disorders and psychosomatic disorders. This spectrum also includes the study of depressive conditions, vegetovascular dystonia and neurotic disorders. An additional studying of the effects of color, sound and smell on the afferent-efferent processes of the VNS. A specialized method “Abstract-systemic polysensory reflection” was developed for more effective input into altered states of consciousness and for creating a high level of effectiveness of hypnotherapeutic suggestive influence on chronic psychosomatic diseases.


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The technique used in the Center of Rehabilitation Hypnotherapy

In addition, there is a professional interest / experience in the study of psychophysiological devices, such as (1) the apparatus of cranial electrotherapy stimulation, (2) the “Angel Z” device, (3) the apparatus for audiovisual stimulation of the brain, (4) the PSI-meter device.

Apparatus of cranial electrotherapy stimulation is an electronic antidepressant without the effect of addiction and any side effects. Not only replaces strong medicines but also has a stable effect. The transcranial electrostimulation apparatus is used to generate an additional portion of Beta-endorphins in cases of endorphin famine of a patient. Normalizes blood pressure, works with pain syndrome, accelerates healing processes, stimulates immunity, helps with the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction, normalizes psychophysiological and emotional status, reduces emotional arousal.

The actual task of the subject covered in this study is the integration of hypnotherapeutic protocols into the transcranial electrostimulation process. The essential task of the discussed topic is the allocation of standard characteristics of therapy of impact, characterized by an increased level of effectiveness.
Apparatus “Psi-diagnostics” In the framework of studies of psychoemotional states, we use a psychophysiological device which indices record the extent of the efferent response of the autonomic nervous system to an external stimulus. This technique is used to diagnose the functional-psychoemotional state of the subject, to record the degree of tension of the nervous system and to determine the degree of emotional arousal. This method of diagnosis is one of the most effective ways to determine the presence (or absence) of emotional excitement in a client – for example, such conditions as insult, groundless anxiety, guilt, etc.

This hardware diagnostic technique determines the elementary functions of the psyche – a sense of balance or a psychoemotional response – and the properties of the nervous system. Diagnostic parameters are literally read from the instrument panel of the definite apparatus, and a set of such indicators is transformed into visual graphical-dynamic indicators that show the dynamics of changes. Based on these changes, the hypnotherapist sees the presence or absence of positive results and can judge the effectiveness of the used method.
The apparatus of audiovisual stimulation of the brain can be used to prevent and treat affective disorders associated with heliophysical factors, in particular – seasonally dependent depressive states of the cyclothymic level. The proposed device provides color cover with light rays of the face and eyes and it can also be used to reduce or eliminate pain of migraines. Its use can improve mood and quicker cure for some eye diseases, relieve insomnia.

But the main function of this apparatus is the correction of various psychological disorders and psychosomatic disorders. Particularly well, some programs (such as EMDR) work with affective disorders, especially with depressive varieties of them. We often see an improvement in mood and getting rid of sleep disorders. Also, the positive effect of this device on Seasonal Emotional Disorders (autumn depression) is known. In our practice, there have been significant improvements in migraines, fatigue relief and improvement in the state of certain eye diseases.
The above-mentioned devices are used as an episodic integration into the hypnotherapeutic process to enhance the effect of therapeutic suggestion and to maintain the qualitative work of the patient’s psycho-physiological functions.

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