Treatment of the nervous system and the duration of the course of hypnotherapy

Most people who come to our “Center for Rehabilitation Hypnotherapy” are looking for a quick solution to their questions. And this is understandable … But reality shows us something else. Often times, these problems have been forming for years, and the efferent reaction of the autonomic nervous system is used to reacting to external and internal stimuli in a certain way. When we talk about habit, we mean a neurophysiologically recorded behavior.

As an analogy, we can give an example. Imagine a recorded song on a CD. You cannot force a disc to play another song. Only if you insert another CD into the player, with another song on it will a new song play.

Any experience, neutral, positive or emotionally charged, is encoded on the subcortical region of the brain, like a neural network. Neutral or positive experience is a typical neural network or typical imprinting. An emotionally charged experience is an atypical neural network or atypical imprinting. Atypical imprintings are more voluminous and more massive. The more emotionally charged potential, the greater they are. It is this that gathers in some areas of ​​the brain, creating a certain swelling of the brain tissue. Neurologists and computer tomography specialists interpreted this phenomenon as a consequence of a microstroke. But this is a result of strong emotions experienced. This affected brain area sends distorted signals to the area of ​​the body (or organ) with which it has a direct connection. Cells in this area of ​​the body begin to receive insufficient nutrition. Violations in the functional work of this area (organ) begin and prerequisites for physiological diseases are created.


The vegetative nervous system adapts to these disorders and accordingly responds to them. Over time, the habitual endogenous response (response to internal factors) is created – a new endogenous program is created. The nervous system adapts to the new state of the body. In other words; a new song is recorded on your CD.

Exogenous (or external) reasons for creating an atypical neural network are possible. They are more often called ETROP (Emotionally TRAPSING Experience). These are the stressors that cause pain and suffering, such as physical or emotional abuse. The nervous system of a victim of such violence adapts to an exogenous stress factor. His nervous system gets used to react in a certain way. A new program of reaction is being created.

Both exogenous and endogenous programs are neurophysiologically recorded neural networks. It is impossible to change them quickly, and even less to erase them, there is only one solution. It consists of two factors:

  1. Removal of the emotional charge from the primary stress factor.

2 .Creating a new pattern of behavior – a positive typical neural network.

Removing the emotional charge is possible for several sessions of hypnotherapy. Creating a new neural network takes from 21 to 30 sessions. Only in this case it is possible to fix the results.

There are hypnologists who promise positive results in several sessions. Unfortunately, these results are temporary. After all, the old song on the old CD has not been removed completely and there is now no new song for your nervous system to play, in other words no new program that your mind can rely on to cope. You really will feel some relief. But the problem will return after a while and with a new force, be it in a few months, or even a few years.

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