Cost and duration of work with us. The stated results

Short-term psychological consulting and therapy session
Primary consulting in Skype (Without session of hypnose) Without charge (during Karantin)
Primary consultation at the office in Kiev (without a hypnosis session). Medvin Yu.A.nosis) Medvin Y.A. Without charge (during Karantin)
Primary consulting with test session of hypnosis. This also includes symptomatic diagnostic. Medvin Yu.A 75 $
Rehabilitation hypnotherapy. Medvin Yu. A.
* Our course of hypnotherapy consists of 3 cycles of 10 sessions (total 30 sessions) 
One session of rehabilitation hypnotherapy in Kiev. Medvin Yu.A. 75 $
One cycle of rehabilitation hypnotherapy (10 sessions). 750 $
One course of rehabilitation hypnotherapy (30 sessions). With a one-time payment for the entire course. Medvin Yu.A. 2 000 $
 Developmental and creative hypnosis. Medvin Yu. A.
One session of individually tuned hypnosis.
Individual needs, desires, characteristics, dreams and goals are taken into account. Changing maladapted behaviors to more acceptable ones. Creating positive qualities, love, gratitude. Help to forgive yourself and others. Medvin Yu.A.
100 $
One cycle (10 sessions) of individually tuned hypnosis. Individual needs, desires, characteristics, dreams and goals are taken into account. Changing maladapted behaviors to more acceptable ones. Creating positive qualities, love, gratitude. Help to forgiving yourself and others. Medvin Yu.A. 1 000 $
One cycle (30 sessions) of individually tuned hypnosis. Individual needs, desires, characteristics, dreams and goals are taken into account. Changing maladapted behaviors to more acceptable ones. Creating positive qualities, love, gratitude. Help forgiving yourself and others. Medvin Yu.A. 3 000 $
Regressive (spiritual) hypnosis. Soul memory activation. Medvin Yu. A.
The cost of one session of regressive hypnosis. Medvin Yu.A. 100 $
The author’s program of regressive hypnosis ą1 (5 sessions). Medvin Yu.A. 500 $
The author’s program of spiritual hypnosis number 2 with the development of extra-sensory instruments (15 sessions). Medvin Yu.A. 1 500 $

About the duration of each session

Sessions of the first cycle usually take anywhere from 40 to 70 minutes. On rare occasions it may take longer. During the first cycle, the main task is to bring patient’s nervous system to respond on external stimulus to specific parameters and fix them. Once these parameters are reached, the session is over, otherwise disadaptation may occur. These parameters are determined by special instrument “Psi-meter”.
Sessions of the second cycle can take up to 90 minutes and sometimes even longer. Although for some patients 40-60 minutes is enough to achieve the desired goal.
Exactly during second session is important to take into account individual characteristics of the patient’s psyche, the duration of their symptoms and their attitude to them.
The social factor also is very important: the presence/absence of people and/or events in a person’s life that become a cause of strong emotional reactions.
The duration of the sessions of the third cycle is more predictable. By this time, the patient’s nervous system is less reactive. The mind quickly and easily enters the minimum response mode (trance state) and more open to suggestion. Usually the duration of each session at this level is 40 to 60 minutes.

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About individually tuned hypnotherapy

Each of us has individual preferences, requests, dreams and goals. Individual requests can range from getting rid of the code (program) of failures, to finding the path to success.
This may also include such requests as; removing mental blocks, development of the ability to lucidly dream, materialization of desires, setting and realization of goals,
and hypno-orgasm (restoration of the natural ability to orgasm):only for women. Tulpa creation (graphical interface to the subconscious) and much more. This category of work includes a personal coaching and, if necessary, some elements of techno-magic to create positive events. More details provided during the individual consultation.

About the course of therapeutic hypnotherapy

Panic attacks, personality disorders, OCD, pathological jealousy, anxiety, pathological fears and phobias (agoraphobia, aerophobia, social phobia), addiction (love, gambling, narcotic, food), adaptation disorder, eating disorder, logoneurosis, neurasthenia, depressive states, dissociative disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anger attacks, pain syndrome – these are psychological pathologies, nervous system disorders that require long-term treatment (from 3 to 8 weeks).

For the treatment of this kind of chronic diseases, we have developed a unique course of therapeutic hypnotherapy.

This course consists of 3 cycles of 10 sessions each:

Cycle 1. Hypnoanalysis (10 sessions).
Cycle 2. Hypnotherapy (10 sessions).
Cycle 3. Hypno Gestalt (10 sessions).

All three cycles of therapy have the prefix “hypno”, meaning that both the analysis, the therapy, and the gestalt techniques themselves are conducted against the background of a trance state. This greatly facilitates access to the subconscious structures, removing the limitations of the protective mechanisms of the internal analyzer of the client.


The sequence logic is such that hypnosis is carried out primarily as diagnostic measures. Hypnotherapy begins the process of correction, including mostly therapeutic moments. Well, hypnotechalt completes this course with a deeper study of the causal essence of pathology, completely removing the emotional charge from the symptom.

Other methods of psychotherapy are also integrated into the treatment process, such as eco facilitation, personal transformational coaching, methods of standard psychological counseling. All this allows the client to provide high-quality, comprehensive care and at the same time drug-free rehabilitation of the nervous system.

Why is duration and systematicity so important?

The duration of three cycles is the average number of sessions recommended for obtaining stable results of correction of psychopathologies and psychosomatic disorders. It is during such a period of time that we will be able to improve and re-tune your nervous system, teach your hormonal system to produce the right amount of happiness hormones, help you to be a more harmonious and complete person.

It is very important to note: short-term hypnotherapy (up to five sessions) in the treatment of psychopathologies does not bring stably fixed results! “Solving the problem in 4-5 sessions” is a marketing ploy that is practiced on the Ukrainian market by some specialists in hypnology. 

In this case, the patient may feel an improvement after the third / fifth session. However, this improvement will last up to a maximum of three months, after which the symptoms will return. Short-term hypnotherapy is advisable only when funds are limited and when a three-month improvement in symptoms is sufficient for certain life goals / circumstances.

Our options for a course of therapeutic hypnotherapy:

Option 1: every day 6 (six) sessions every day. Course duration: 1 week.
Option 2: every day except weekends. Course duration: 6 weeks.
Option 3: one or two weeks break between cycles. Course duration: 8-12 weeks

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Typical results from hypnotherapy sessions

* This dynamic recovery of the nervous system is characteristic in 82% of our clients.

After 2 – 5 sessions. You will begin to get used to a different reaction (of a calmer, but not yet familiar) nervous system to external stimuli. At this stage, the internal forces of the nervous system are mobilized, fatigue is relieved, the degree of conflict decreases, and the significance of stressful situations decreases. This treatment will be a great relief to your nervous system. Allowing you to overcome negative reactions to stressors.

After 10 sessions. Your nervous system will begin to dump an emotional charge from recent painful events. The result is that you stop reacting to stressful situations as you had in the past, at minimum your reactions to stressors will become much weaker. Your prior reactions and nervous breakdowns will begin to subside. You will find that you remain calm in these situations.

After 20 sessions. Symptoms of nervous overload will begin to disappear. Feelings of anxiety will be significantly reduced, if not completely disappear. The emotional charge will be removed from more old painful events (even from those that were suppressed in early-early childhood). As a result, you will begin to change, become a calmer person, acquire the ability to control your emotional states, increase your level of intuition and decisiveness, you will find that as your mood improves people will be more attracted to you, and you will start generating a positive mood, good luck and optimism.

After 30 sessions. You will develop a steady ability to anti-stress. This is an special activation of the mind/nervous system in extreme situations, there is an increased ability to self-heal, the consolidation of new skills and a new type of nervous system response to external stimuli. Psychosomatic symptoms as well as signs of neurasthenia and many neuroses will cease. Partially or completely remove panic attacks, social phobia, agoraphobia and other similar disorders. Indicators of health for your immune, cardiovascular, and endocrine systems will be improved as your mind is freed of debilitating thoughts. Significantly increase the performance and the degree of useful energy.

General (ubiquitous) results:

  * Additional benefits of taking a course of hypnotherapy.

1). Calmer response to negative external stimuli. Your character will become more balanced, and your mood more positive. The irritations, anxiety, and stress go away.
2). The client gets access to the backup states of the psyche. Implemented by more endurance, less fatigue in everyday affairs.
3). Getting rid of most neurotic symptoms.
4). Non-drug strengthening of your immune system, metabolism, and cardiovascular system.
5). There is an opportunity to stimulate the work of internal organs, activate the internal reserves of recovery processes and even the correction of DNA and RNA.
6). It is also possible to interfere with afferent-efferent processes (treatment of chronic diseases) and the restructuring of characteristics of your personality.
7). Improved memory, especially long-term.
8). Improved sense of joy in life, life takes on greater color.
9). Improve relationships with family and friends. People will notice new qualities in you, such as new found self-confidence.
10). You will find your spirituality grow due to an increase in your vibration levels. You will find a greater interest in spiritual development. You will begin to express a desire to help others.

11). Egotistical tendencies will stop.
12). Increases the level of sensuality. The client begins to feel more comfortable in close relations with their partner.
13). Feelings of a foggy mind subside.
14). Problems with self-realization go away.
15). Psychosomatic disorders, such as psychological belching, red spots on the neck / face, disorders in the gastrointestinal tract (caused by psychology), many types of headache, some pain syndromes and other disorders, can be related to psychological disorders.

In addition, hypnotherapy can successfully increase the production of so-called “hormones of happiness” – namely, serotonin, dopamine and endorphins, which are responsible for a good mood, a feeling of happiness and satisfaction with life. These hormones act as neurotransmitters (biologically active chemicals, through which the electrical impulses in the brain are transmitted), and also contributes to a feeling of fullness of life, resistance to stress, and overall happiness. Their deficiency leads to a decrease in the functions of the central nervous system, which is accompanied by a feeling of loss of strength, apathy and depression. Our course of therapy will teach your body to produce the right hormones of happiness.

Our guarantees

We guarantee the quality of our work: our 20 years of experience, knowledge published in scientific articles and books, our diplomas and certificates, feedback from our customers. At the same time, we draw your attention to the fact that success in the rehabilitation of the nervous system also depends on the client, that is, on you! You need to be motivated to take the first step, be patient, carefully follow our instructions and recommendations. And most importantly – you must make a decision – to change your life for the better. “The road will be mastered by going”, we will help you to go through this expensive personal transformations, make this path as painless and useful as possible for you.

 Consultations are carried out by our experts (call!)

juriy22Yuri Medvin is a hypnotherapist, PhD in medical psychology. He consults also clients with particularly difficult problems. Call: +38 (093) 883 67 91, +38 (066) 220 89 30 / Skype: medvinyuri

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