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Juliana, 32, Kyiv
Yuri, good evening!

I want to thank you for our joint work done! Hypnosis took so much pain and negativity out of me and it was enough gently and effectively. With your help, I had an amazing and long journey through the past of my soul and received the most intimate answers. And I want to say that the answers are still coming. Remembering your voice, the sequence of phrases and the overall feeling of the room and the couch, even the music, I plunge into the same state and find all the new solutions. You know, I have just realized that I subconsciously ran away from the last session, because, it was scary to look into the future. I told myself that I would just walk around for about five minutes, but somehow, I walked up to Kyoto Park. I was waiting for your phone call, but for some reason the phone did not make any sounds. Now I understand that this is all because of my fear, even from horror. I was not ready to look into the future. Realizing this now, I apologize. Allow me to justify myself: you may remember that in every previous life I always somehow escaped, such a habit. But coming back I was still looking for answers. Then, being still in a trance state, I rushed to write to you 🙂

Thank you sincerely and warmly for the sessions !!! and I hope that I will come again, as soon as I have the opportunity and you have time. I recommend you as the best Master of hypnosis, and I think people will come to you for sure, many people have the need for such work on themselves, everyone is looking for such a safe and ecofriendly hypnotherapist as you. Passing the path of the soul with you, I recommend you with pleasure.
Thank you for reading to the end 🙂

Best Regards, Juliana.
Anna, 31, Kyiv
I want to share my story and impressions from the treatment by hypnotherapist Yuri Medvin. I came to him with a number of psychological problems that accumulated over the years and were the result of my unhealthy relationships with my husband. All the problems began after I found out about treason. Problems were accumulating like a snowball: constant depressions, mood swings, insomnia, feeling sick and so on for several years. It got to the point where my hands started to burn with the slightest hassle. I appealed to psychologists, neurologists and all in vain. Treatment was reduced to taking psychotropic and anti-depressant drugs. I almost came to despair. I found out about Y. Medvin and his method of hypnosis treatment accidently, watching the TV programm on STB. Then I found contacts in the Internet, told him about the problem and he agreed to start treatment with hypnosis. Deep in my heart were skeptical moods: will it help? Yuri Medvin made up the impression of an intelligent, polite and professional specialist.
I passed the 3-fold course for 10 sessions. During the treatment, there were different feelings: from high spirits to sudden breakdowns. However, as the hypnotherapy sessions went on, I began to feel noticeable changes that gradually intensified. On many things that had led me to anger, I began to react calmly, without irritation. The result of the treatment was that past life events did not bring more acute pain and my hands didn’t burn anymore. Now I look at life in a balanced and realistic way, making plans for the future. That is my story.
Sofiya, 25, Kyiv
Your services cost much more than the set price and you don’t need any discounts for your knowledge, but you have to be paid extra! For 2 years I had been living in hell, and in 15 sessions you did the impossible!
Natalia, 42, Boston, USA
Good morning, Yuri! According to American customs, I want to smile nicely in response to you and express my appreciation for the interesting material at the training, and also gratitude for your human qualities! Everything was interesting and useful. And in Ukrainian customs, I want to bow to you in a belt. Thank you!
As soon as I get the first results after training - in practice, I may continue to improve my talent). All the best to you!
It seems to me that I have a way of thinking), like a hypnologist.
Eugenia, 30, Kyiv
I do not know how exactly my diagnosis sounds. But according to the psychotherapist, I remember - “psychosomatic syndrome” and “psychosomatic crises”. It started a long time ago, about two years before the start of my hypnotherapy sessions. The so-called crises did not allow me to live. I visited two different psychotherapists and a psychiatrist. Took pills - neptor, eglonil, gidazepam. The symptoms with which I came to Yuri Medvin were: nausea, tachycardia, chills, numbness of the extremities, indigestion, desire to stay alone, panic attacks. These crises were from one to two times a week. After the first cycle (10 sessions), in the interval between the first and second cycles, which lasted exactly one month, I experienced these crises only once. After the second cycle, the crises no longer repeated. There were only initial states: some tachycardia and anxiety. But I already knew how to calm myself and take control over my condition. After the third cycle, to this day I have not had a single crisis (it took about 12 months). I can write for a long time about how much positive I received from the course of treatment, starting with self-confidence, a feeling of fullness of life without fear, my attitude to myself, to life, to my child changed. I am immensely grateful to Yuri. I am glad that fate gave me such a chance. Thanks a lot. I am healthy now!!!
Elena, 47, Kyiv
I came to Yury Alekseevich with complaints: fear and panic attacks associated with dogs. I myself have a dog and after several life situations, I had fears because of which walking with a dog became impossible. Even when one of my relatives went for a walk with the dog, I was in a state of alarm and even fear. There were other fears.
I was offered a course of hypnotherapy: 3 cycles of 10 sessions each. I went through 2 cycles out of three. As a result, the panic attacks have now completely stopped. I can walk with the dog freely. I carefully assess various situations during a walk and react to them adequately. Other fears also retreated.
Victoria, 32, Kyiv
I work as a teacher in high school, where every day I have lectures. I was in a panic that I would feel bad again, my head would spin and I would fall, I felt my head heavy and my neck felt like squeezed with pincers. Then it began to progress and spread to other areas of my life - it became difficult for me to go to church, to go to big stores, to go on minibuses, to stand in lines. After some time, I completely stopped going to big shops and to church, it was almost impossible to lecture, but I had to force myself. I was diagnosed with VSD and I tried to be treated with medication. After several unsuccessful attempts at treatment, I was advised to go to Medvin Yuri. This person immediately and very professionally approached my case. After the first cycle, I felt better. With each session I felt better, I began to use the transport and go to the shops. After the 2nd cycle, all the symptoms were completely gone. Now I feel like nothing was. I am completely healthy. Thanks a lot!
Yana, 42
I want to say a huge thank you to Yuri! I have been sick since 2010 for two years with panic attacks. There were fears, anxiety, obsessive thoughts. Appealed to different specialists (neurologists, psychotherapists), pills and exercises brought temporary relief. In May 2014 I came to Medvin Yuri. After 2 cycles of hypnotherapy it became much better, there was a confidence that I would live without panic, etc. After each session, the joy of life appeared!!! Today I have everything super in my life!! Feeling great! Most importantly, Yuri taught me the right thoughts. Thank you very much, Yuri Medvin!!!!
Irina, 27
After passing hypnotherapy sessions for the next month of rest, a decrease in internal anxiety is observed. The reaction to external stimuli, although present, does not cause stress and does not cause internal pain. Also, after the first cycle of hypnotherapy, an inner self-acceptance of who I am has happened. Similarly, there was an acceptance and the people around me as they are in their individuality. Demanding to myself and to others has decreased. The consequences of childhood problems, according to observations of themselves, completely disappeared from the horizon. The residual symptom remains only intermittently disturbing dreams. Acceptance of the father, forgiveness with love. A pleasant result was also the less energy-consuming avoidance of stressful situations, both in work and in private life.
Tatiana Sisoeva, 28, Poltava
10 years of terrible depressions fears have spawned a lot of phobia. Sometimes I had terrible thoughts about suicide, it seemed to me that the whole world was against me. But I will start one step at a time. In 2006, at the age of 18, I fell into an accident, I spent terrible days in the hospital, endless pains, many operations, heart failure, a year of sleepless nights, locked me into the dungeon of my thoughts. In 2008, I gave birth to my daughter and decided that all things must pass. I will plunge into motherhood and enjoy this feeling. But over time, I realized that it does not help me. I tried to turn my attention, but it ate me from the inside. Fear took me to such an extent that I could not get out of the house. I had panic attacks that caught me everywhere, in the car, in the street, at night in the bed, in the theater, in the cafe. I began to visit psychologists and psychotherapists as I saw what my family collapsed. I had misunderstandings with my husband and my daughter! I had no friends, talking with people at a minimum. On the street it was as if on the cotton legs, my head was spinning, my breathing was not even, breathless, my heart jumped out of my chest, I felt the pulse all over the body.I started to pursue thoughts about death, dreams of death, I had frequent headaches. I was afraid to stay alone, at night I woke up in panic. Korvalol and valerianka were always in a prominent place, amber in a bag. Doctors recommended drinking pills, antidepressants. I understood that if I would begin to drink pills, then this is the beginning of the end. So It lasted for 10 years. In 2015, in a conversation with my only (then) mate, I said that I do not want to live, I'm tired of fear, I'm tired of my thoughts, I want freedom. "If only my head could be refuted." The next day she called me and told about Yuri Medvin. I honestly grabbed this as a lifebuoy. Having passed the whole course of hypnotherapy treatment, I began to look absolutely differently at all situations. I went through all my fears, my nervous system calmed down, my health got better, I began to look better, my eyes were shining, there was confidence! What previously seemed not to be solved is now completely solvable!

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