Advice for new clients

In our Center for Rehabilitation Hypnotherapy, you can get free advice on issues of interest to you. To do this, fill out the form or call the phones numbers listed below. The duration of this consultation is 1 hour.

At the consultation we will help you:
– Identify the aspects of your problems and the reasons for their occurrence;
– Identify possible solutions to the current situation;
– Start work on the restoration and rehabilitation of your nervous system.

Consultations are carried out by our specialists

juriy22Yuri Medvin is a hypnotherapist, PhD in medical psychology. He consults only clients with particularly difficult problems. Call: +38 (093) 883 67 91, +38 (066) 220 89 30 / Skype: medvinyuri
Kateryna Kutishenko – graduated specialist in hypnology. She passed a series of studies on hypnology (“Principles of Hypnology”, “Practice Hypnology”, “Intensive Course of Hypnology”) under the direction of PhD, professor of psychology Yuri Medvin.
Call:+38 (063) 450 55 07 / Skype: live:ks.kutishenko  

If necessary, the hypnotherapist may hold a hypnosis session during the consultation to diagnose the client’s nervous system.
We also invite you to learn more about our activities:
– The treatment methods used in our center.
What do we offer and how much does it cost?
The duration of the course of hypnotherapy.