Specialists of the Hypnotherapy Rehabilitation Center

Any team becomes valuable when each of its members has a unique contribution to the common cause. Uniqueness then lies not in the qualifications of each member individually, but in the unique synthesis of their combined experience, abilities and skills.

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01YURI MEDVIN– Ukrainian scientist in the field of medical psychology, hypnology and, in particular, hypnotherapy, professor, Ph.D. in medical psychology Director of the Scientific Research Institute of Advanced Psychology and Innovative Technologies, Chairman of the Board of the International Association of Hypnologists. Commander of the Order “Sign of Poshany” UTA.


YULIA KRYMLOVA – graduated psychologist, Master of Psychology, PhD student at UMO at the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine (Kiev), Certified Gestalt Consultant (“Nika” Psychological Center, Kiev Gestalt University) Member of the All-Ukrainian Association for Economic Policy (All-Ukrainian Association of Eco-facilitative Psychological Aid), member of the expert commission in the contest “The Best Civil Servant” in Kiev (ІІand ІІІrounds). Member of the NGO “Association for Environmental Assistance.” 

YURI RUL – Doctor of Medical Sciences, Academic of the Ukrainian Technological Academy (Medical Technology Section). Management of the department, the opening of 10 new areas of training, masters, opening and performing the functions of the chief editor of the electronic scientific journal IAPM “Medical Psychology” and the printed journal of the International Association of Hypnologists “Evidence-Based Psychology”, developing a new method of psycho-physiological diagnosis “CSSD” (136) brain).


IGOR ZHEREBETSKI – graduated hypnologist (he studied under YA Medvin). Certified instructor of recreational gymnastics HADU.

He graduated from Kiev State University. T.G. Shevchenko. For twenty years he served in the security forces.

In 1985 and 1986, she studied paradoxical respiratory gymnastics Strelnikova under the guidance of its author A.N. Strelnikova (has more than twenty years of continuous experience of this practice). During the years 1985-1990, he studied the Chinese health care system “Do-In”.

VICTOR HOTKO  – a disciple of John Richardson (famous healer in the UK, regressologist). He studies and teaches knowledge about Vedic spiritual culture. Has a dedication in the Vedic spiritual culture (spiritual name of Vishnu Avatari Das). Founder and CEO of BPH Trading House. Lead leader of the Leaders Leader educational program.

President of the Kiev Club of Vedic Culture “Avatar”. Lecturer at the Research Institute of Progressive Psychology and Innovative Technologies. Specialization – the basics of hypnology.

LILIA JUNG – manual therapist, bioenergy informatherapist, specialist with muscle-fascial massage, author of deep-tissue massage technology

About deep-tissue massage: “Constant tension in the muscles may indicate spikes or clamps in them. In order to relieve pain, it is recommended to undergo a course of massage. ”