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I had been ineffectively healing insomnia for 10 years . Hypnosis treatment was the last chance to recover. I was taking antidepressants. After the first ten sessions my consciousness became clearer. After another 10, I began to perceive the world in a different way. It was a feeling that I was awake. And everything I had before is like in the fog. Huge gratitude to Yuri Medvin, after passing the last 10 sessions, my sleeping has improved, irritability and negative emotions associated with it have gone. And I finally was able to concentrate on my studies and work. Thank you very much !!!)
I came to Yuri Medvin in the critical period of my life. Not looking at the seemingly positive situation around me, when, it could seem, I had everything for happiness, I often got in the depression, the whole world seemed gloomy and unfriendly. I had been followed by the apparent feeling that I was not understood. Depression, a sense of deep loneliness, problems with the expression of own feelings, all this sometimes brought to the thoughts of suicide. As a child I experienced a psychological trauma that closed me at home, I grew up as a shy child, lived in my inner world and was very reluctant to contact the outside world ...I passed with Yuri Medvin 3 cycles of hypnosis treatment in 10 sessions each with a 1-month break between approaches. It was a difficult period and required a lot of work on internal work. It has been about a year since then. The joy of life, inner strength and confidence returned to me, and I began to open up, and many complexes and problems went away. Whatever situations have been in life ever since, I never again despair. Negative no longer captures me, and the gloomy and dangerous world, which was earlier, became colorful and friendly. I have much more life and joy inside me. I am grateful to the fate for bringing me to Yuri Medvin. Thank you!
The feedback about passing the course of ATS 1, 2, 3 (active trance status) on the basis of the Institute of Progressive Psychology and Innovative Technologies under the direction of Professor Medvin Y.
In my youth I was present at the performance of famous hypnotist. And even tried to become a direct participant in this performance. However, I did not really have the effects that were caused by his suggestions in other viewers. Selected by several assistants, "unscrupulous lucky ones" demonstrated the miracles of human possibilities. Being under hypnosis, they read in memory long-forgotten poems, played a surprisingly subtle play of theatrical scenes, produced computing with multi-valued numbers in their minds, and that I was completely surprised with, demonstrated skills that at the time my understanding could only be available to the Indian yogis - they went to the bit glass and without any consequences lay on it. Through my life I received two higher educations, each of which assumed a rather serious study of psychology. Subsequently, this knowledge was very useful to me in practical activities, which was associated with frequent stress situations. I did not forget my interest in hypnosis as a "miraculous" way to achieve extraordinary, in my opinion, results and opportunities. I "became ill" with the mystical possibilities of the Indian fakirs, "phenomenal" abilities of the adherents of all kinds of oriental martial arts, visited the fields of "castane days" and plunged into the NLP waves, actively driven by instructors whose greed could compete only with their incompetence. During this time, I was lucky to meet serious professionals and mentors and learn from them. Under the guidance of one of our best specialists, E.V. Tychkovsky, I seriously studied autogenic training, completed a course of static-dynamic meditation Gatka with a retired officer of the Indian army Sikh Saidulla Khan, mastered the method of self-regulation "Key" at its founder Kh.M. Aliyev, mastered and practiced gymnastics at the level of instructor HADU under the guidance of its creator Z.Sh. Arabuli, as well as gymnastics Strelnikova. It must be said that certain results of my classes were definitely present, However, it was somehow not enough for me. I still had a persistent feeling of some kind of understatement, an instinctive understanding that these results can and should be qualitatively different. I, like Fox Mulder from the X-Files, wanted to believe that the truth was somewhere nearby. It turned out that this was true.
I met a hypnologist, a doctor of psychological sciences, a professor of the University of California, Yuri Medvin on a completely practical basis. For a certain category of persons whose workloads in the process of performing their tasks are simply beyond the limits, the need has arisen for a system of self-regulation and anti-stress training. Also there was a need of specialist who already would have had effective experience in teaching such a system. As a solution, Yuri suggested mastering the three-level course of the “Active Trance State”, the author of which he is, and also generously devoted several hours from his rather busy work schedule to explain and answer my questions. I was interested in the name itself - “Active Trans State”. It is well known that an indispensable condition for enhancing the results of hypnosis, autogenic training, meditation is silence, calm, relaxation. The same is the weakness of these methods, because the results of such training are necessary precisely in the hectic and stress of everyday life. Yuri said about the possibility of learning self-regulation and obtaining the corresponding effects in the waking and active state, which contradicted all my previous experience. Well, “nonvalent is not unprecedented,” I thought then and decided to master the method. The first level of development of the "Active Trance Status" (ATS-1) lasts for five days. Each lesson takes just over an hour. It's simple, no mystery. In the course of the class, I lay down on the couch and, in a calm, relaxed state, listened to a certain suggestion. In the course of the suggestion, the forearm and the wrist of the right hand, as it were, besides my will, rose, demonstrating the effect known in Klyuche and NLP as levitation of the hand. At the first lesson at the end of the suggestion, Yuri, using the techniques of hypnotherapy, gave me the opportunity to experience the possibility of entering and leaving the trance while remaining in an active, awake state. And he not only made it felt, but also explained in detail what trance is, how it arises, why it is needed and how this ability of the human body can be put under conscious control. In addition to daily exercises with an instructor, before bedtime, I tried to get into this state and feel the effect of levitation of both hands. It is necessary to say that I initiatively went a little further than the method of mastering ATS-1 requires. I wanted to intensify my previous experience of self-regulation from the standpoint of new knowledge and skills obtained under the guidance of Yuri. I did these exercises while standing, but for better concentration, with my eyes closed, and later with the eyes open. By the end of the level, I gained a steady skill of entering the trance state of lying and standing. The quality of this state was subjectively confirmed by the levitation of the hands and the self-oscillatory body movements that could be performed for a sufficiently long period of time. For the sake of curiosity, I spent about three hours in this state and interrupted the exercise simply because it became boring. It must be said that in this state I finally not only felt at a qualitatively higher level, but also understood the meaning and effect of synchro-gymnastics exercises and key search techniques from the X. M. system. Aliyev. During the levitation of the arms and self-oscillatory movements of the body, I experienced spontaneous short muscle tensions of such strength that my muscle attachment points began to hurt a little. Some muscle groups were tighter, others were weaker, but this was the level of tension that, with its quality, surprised me, a person, who had dedicated a part of his life to sports. Then I tried to cause such tension consciously, at will. And it worked out. According to my feelings, the level of ability to commit physical effort increased by 20-25 percent. I began to feel differently my muscles and body. Movement became more harmonious, smooth. The subjective feeling that when performing physical effort, synergy of muscle groups began to manifest itself was not available to me before. I also increased the speed of working in a previously unfamiliar physical and mental activity. I will add that in itself being in a trance state is a good rest and stimulates subsequent productive activity in the work. After passing the level, within a week I independently consolidated my skills to a state of sustainable development.
The second level of the “Active trance state” (ATC-2) does not differ from the first in terms of study time and duration of classes. But this is the only similarity. At the first lesson of the second level I was asked to enter the trance state according to the existing skill. Against this background, Yuri verbally created for me a picture of a certain fantastic world and offered to feel himself in it, as well as explore this world, letting his imagination and sensations into free flight. It is not easy, but not so very difficult. It became difficult later, when this exercise had to be performed with open eyes, while maintaining the available level of trance and at the same time keeping the imaginary picture in mind. It is really hard, not just to wander, but to purposefully explore some imaginary world, trying to track the sensations that arise in the body and, at the same time, see in front of us the harsh prose of life - a piece of the wall and details of the office environment. This task also annoyed me with its abstractness. I am focused on getting results of a practical nature, and not on virtual travel in the virtual world. I must pay tribute to the quality of the instructors work. Yuri instantly caught my condition. After class, he explained that both concentration and ability to physical effort begin with the ability to relax, and access to internal resources and capabilities begins with the creation of tools for working with these resources. For five days, under the guidance of Yuri and independently at home, I entered the trance state and worked on the solution of the following task: enter trance, achieve the accessible quality of this state, see a picture of the imaginary world in my mind and start studying it, open my eyes, keep the trance quality at an accessible level, continue to perform virtual work, see the surrounding reality, without concentrating on it, do not fall out completely in real. As soon as I strengthened one thing, everything else ran and collapsed. I closed my eyes, returned to trance again and started all over again. A qualitative leap occurred when I finally managed to implement the advice of Yuri.
I managed to stop creating a virtual picture of the world, and to begin to passively move the focus of my inner attention, following the flight of my imagination. Managed to shift the work of creating a virtual image to someone or something ...? I do not know. The picture acquired depth and details, I had the opportunity to track bodily reactions and even think about the meaning of “visible” images on the background of the wall and the closet. Not immediately, but gradually I began to succeed. True, the picture quality walked in a wide range from “almost like in 3-D cinema”, to “..., and this is a strip on the wallpaper.” But in any case, it was already a qualitatively new level of perception of the surrounding, myself, my body and my inner world. After the five-day course, I practiced on my own for nearly twenty days, achieving sustainable skills in entering, exiting and being in a trance state. I could long describe the virtual world that I studied, its features and paradoxes, the feeling of its vastness and microscopicity at the same time. I was struck by the similarity of this virtual world with the description of the universe in the beliefs of the ancient Slavs. There was a clear sense of the indissoluble unity of the three, standing one above the other, parts of the meaning coinciding with the images on the ancient Perun Post - “Right, Reality, Nav” But all this is purely individual and subjective.
In short, I got the opportunity to access my subconscious. I can, by volitional concentration, cause a state in which to ask myself a question and get an answer to it before the end of the question. More often the answers are correct, but there are also incorrect ones. Questions on some topics generally remain unanswered. I tend to empathy. Now this ability to feel the emotions and the human condition has increased. By focusing on the person or his image, I can get some information about him. So, being the first time in the same office, I paid attention to the very high heels of the shoes of a woman who is the head of the HR department. And then I got information about her. Well, okay, It came and that’s all. But after twenty minutes in the smoking room, I witnessed a conversation between the company's employees about this woman and the information received from nowhere, was confirmed by eighty percent. This case was not one. Also, being in a trance state, I suddenly in a random order began to recall the different events of my life. I reviewed these passages and as I revised, I felt relief and, as it were, a detachment from the burden of the past and the emotions associated with it. The third level of the “Active Trance State” (ATC-3) surprised me. I assumed that at this level everything will be the same, but under physical exertion. Alas for me ... Within five days, I was returned by Yuri to listening to a certain suggestion against the background of the trance state of the depth and quality that I learned to achieve in the two preceding stages. Every day, on my own, I did the same thing, without listening to the suggestion, just trying to reproduce the sensations experienced in the classroom. In the process of training, against the background of suggestion, I felt the feeling of some kind of global union, unity. On leaving the trance state, the feeling of connection is left, and I can call it whenever I want. As a result of training around the body, there appeared a subtle sensation of something like a jumpsuit, a spacesuit, which happens sometimes when you put on thick, light and comfortable clothing. What is this feeling and why is it, I think I still have to find out. Or not. Now I continue to master ATS-3 on my own for the number of days specified by Yuri. I am glad that there is where to move and the field for development is simply unmeasured. But on the other hand, not everything is as clear as we would like. Because of all this, I would like to acquire, at the level of a conditioned reflex, a steady skill to perform strong-willed promises to anesthetize, warm the body, stop bleeding, rest for a short period of time, master significant portions of information using the subconscious and others, using a buzzword, lifehacks, which we are uniquely capable of, but implementations, which are deprived by virtue of what ...? God knows ... And now, I know for sure that hypnosis, it’s not a trance that replaces any work or study, but it accelerates, intensifies and translates the process of activity to a qualitatively different level. The question is the will to master this state at the level of sustainable skill and its use in everyday life. Life does not change, its comfort and quality changes, and then life changes. Therefore, it is worth a try!
Hello! I want to talk about my problem and how hypnotherapy helped me! A year and a half ago, I broke up with the girl. It seemed nothing serious, but the first half of the year it drove me crazy. Constant tantrums, unbearable pain, thoughts of suicide, uncontrolled bursts of aggression, uncontrollable bursts of hysteria and tears ,I could not sleep properly, eat, I lost weight in 2 months at 20 kg, I didn’t understand what was happening to me ?! After repeated visits to the notorious "healers" (since psychologists have not helped), a diagnosis was made - a love spell! With that, so that you understand, I communicated with more thab ten mediums, all-seeing, sorcerers and medicine men! They all confirmed the fact that the love spell cast! But no one really could help, everyone promised that they would remove it, but they could not get out 100% of this “disease”!!! I have lived with this for a little over a year! The state gradually normalized, but until the end I could not feel free from these torments! Mood change a few dozen times a day! I did not live but existed! When I learned about the hypnotherapy course from Medvin, Y. I decided to go to the first consultation just to understand how it works! After two hours of communication, I agreed to hold the first cycle of sessions! In truth, initially I thought that all this was a waste of money, at first, I did not feel any result. It seemed that I was just coming to sleep for 40 minutes, and then I was going home! After the first 10 sessions, I felt first changes! When there was a break in the month, between the first and second cycle, my condition was exactly the same as Yuri Medvin described it! Periodically it became bad, but not for long! When I visited the 20th session, I really felt that it was much easier for me! A week ago, I finished the 3rd cycle! At the moment I can control my thoughts myself, and most importantly my attitude, my reaction and understanding of what they have done to me! Now it is very easy for me to remember all those moments, both good and bad! I do not regret that I trusted Yuri! The result is great!
It was ok, but everything changed at once. I began to be afraid of the diseases transmitted through the blood. Life was not taken. In the social world I did not exist. I came to doctors and a psychologist who said that I had an OCR. I was in despair, I was not interested in anything. There was no support. My relatives did not understand me. It was a little better after visiting the psychologist, and over half a year everything started again. I remembered that on TV channel STB there was the program “I'm ashamed of my body," where Medvin Yuri carried out hypnotherapy. So, I found contact information on the Internet. I passed 3 courses in 10 sessions of hypnotherapy and I feel very well. Life has settled down, I feel like a beautiful one without fear and bad thoughts. Thank you very much for helping me with this.
We are always happy to receive your attention and care! Today, the materials have been re-read: the information is presented very thoroughly, with the results of the studies demonstrated by the cases, with an explanation of how it works and why it is important. This approach shows that in the center the patient himself is under attention, his body, rather than individual organs or the interests of doctors. Such material is significantly different from the standard (!) promotional materials that promise a quick recovery from one tablet. Therefore, we will be glad to receive your services and we want to congratulate you on the next step in spreading your author's methods to people!

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