Hydrogenous water and hydrogen treatment – the modern method of body sanitation

Водородная вода 2I was going to the discovery of the healing properties of water enriched with hydrogen for many years. It is useful to the body not only as a stimulant of the source of energy and vigor, but it also stimulates cell regeneration, improves metabolism and normalizes blood pressure. Such water is often and successfully used in the cosmetology. It smoothes wrinkles, reduces “bags” under the eyes and also improves skin color.

Searching alternative methods of treatment for about 6-7 years ago, I turned attention to ionizers of so-called living and dead water. Since then, there has been a lot of researches and studies of this phenomenon, both on myself and on my clients. Undoubtedly, there are advantages of this technology, but there are also disadvantages. That is, it is necessary to handle carefully with the catholyte and anolyte and know what you are doing. It is important to understand that this water is not for long-term use, since during the process of hard electrolyzing, molecules of heavy metals enter the body through the water. Sure, creating cathode, so-called “living” water, its ORP (Oxidizing-Reducing Potential) reaches -700 mV. It gives the cathode water very, very strong reducing abilities. But, it is important to remember the fact that in the course of chemical electrolysis, the PH of cathode water is significantly increased, sometimes reaching the level of 10-11. Drinking this alkaline water constantly, the violation of the acid-base balance towards alkalinity may occur, causing a risky condition known as alkalosis. With this violation, the metabolism slows down, the food is digested much more slowly, and it provokes a greater penetration of toxins into the blood and lymph. Alkalosis is dangerous and may cause a global intoxication, which is incompatible with life. It is also difficult to adjust.

A few years ago, an engineer who collaborated with us proposed to create a tangential amplifying apparatus for a magnetized vortex of water, repeating the experiment of P. Flanagan. (Patrick Flanagan, Nobel Prize Laureate in Colloid Chemistry, professor with more than 200 patented inventions in the field of alternative medicine). For a long time, this researcher was studying the nationality of the river Hunza, known for its health and longevity. Local people there did not suffer from those diseases that usually appear in the old age. They remained quite active to a very respectable age and could easily travel hundreds of kilometers per day on foot. Their eyes, teeth and skin remained in the perfect condition until death, the doctors found no signs of arthritis, atherosclerosis and other serious “senile” disorders.

P. Flanagan made an interesting conclusion that the ideal state of the health, even at the age of 90-95 years, local people of Hunza receive from their source of water, – water vortices of stormy streams of the river Hunza. This river is rich with magnetic minerals. Water vortices form electric charges that make water molecules align along magnetic lines, making it ideally structured and maximally fluid with a surface tension of 68 dynes / cm, which by itself greatly increases its penetrating to the body cells. This water really becomes alive. Pursuing the goal of making the same life-giving water from the simple one, Flanagan created an artificial magnetized vortex in water with a surface tension of 55-65 dynes / cm. (In ordinary water, the surface tension is 75 dynes / cm). And he got similar water with the same characteristics. This water has been tested many times for long-term use with a positive effect.

Such water has bactericidal properties, accelerates the growth of plants, favorably affects the mild form of prostatitis, favorably affects the joints and the microflora of the stomach.

We understand that water is the source of life. Our cells consist of 70-90% water and all biochemical reactions take place in a water substance. The water we use, penetrating into the cell, may take electrons, and may give them. In the first case, we can call it destructive (oxidative), in the second – it is regenerative. This is the so often illuminated phenomenon of ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential), also known as REDOX potential. There are special meters that quantify the ORP. If the indicator is negative, then we are dealing with medical, reconstructive water. If the indicator is positive, then it is quite the contrary. Almost all commercial products and liquids, including commercial water, have a positive (oxidizing) potential, which leads to the appearance of molecules of hydroxyl radical (• OH). Although the hydroxyl radical (OH) is a short-lived (cell life-time of about 10-7 s) and a highly reactive compound, it is capable of oxidizing protein and lipid molecules, especially unsaturated membrane lipids, that may cause changes in the properties of cell membranes. In addition, the hydroxyl radical induces bond breaks in the DNA molecule, which leads to irreversible damages of the genetic apparatus. This is the main cause of aging of the body and, accordingly, associated diseases.

In other words, the destructive effect of substances (not only water) with a positive ORP occurs according to the following scenario.

In the ordinary state, the nucleus of the oxygen atom is surrounded by 8 electrons, which combine to form a stable molecule. But under the influence of external factors (cigarette smoke, city smog, ultraviolet radiation, food with chemicals, drinking water with a positive ORP value, etc.), one electron is taken away from the oxygen molecule or, conversely, is added to it. Thus, active hydroxyl radicals (free radicals) are formed. Trying to compensate for the loss of the electron, the free radical selects the electron, oxidizing the molecule that forms the part of the cell membrane, turning it into a new free radical. This chain reaction weakens the cell membrane, breaks the integrity of the cell and leads to degenerative changes. Thus, a chain reaction of destruction takes place in the body, which is often called oxidative stress. Scientists have established that oxidative stress provokes inflammatory processes, disrupts the normal functioning of the circulatory, nervous (including brain cells) and the immune system, accelerates aging.

Over a day about 1 trillion free radicals are formed in one cell. Our body is able to restore the areas subjected to oxidative stress, but with age, its reducing abilities are getting weaker, which leads to even more formation of free radicals and accelerates the aging process.

Ecological and emotional conditions of our habitat, as well as the quality of drinking water and human nutrition directly affect the regenerative capacity of the organism.

Antioxidants allow to counteract the destructive effect of free radicals on the body. They neutralize the free radical, giving it its own electron and interrupting the dangerous chain reaction. However, in the 1990s, it was determined that the traditional forms of antioxidants, such as for example Omega or ascorbic acid, were not effective because of the large size of their molecular clusters.

Typical oxidants:

  1. Simple substances formed by VIA and VIIA atoms with high electronegativity (O2, Cl2, Br2). Substance containing elements in higher and intermediate CO in the form of ions (Fe+3, KMhO4, H2SO4, KClO4).
  2. Peroxide compounds (H2O2, K2O2).

Typical reducing agents:

  1. Simple substances whose atoms carry a low electronegativity (Na, K, Li).
  2. Metal capions in new CO (Fe2+).
  3. Simple anions (S2, Cl, Br).
  4. Acid-containing anions with an element in the lower СО (NO2, SO3).

As for the ORP, measurements themselves, these devices measure the ability of a liquid to give or attach electrons. The ORP is measured in millivolts. The ORP of healthy cells of our body is in the range from +100 to – 200 mV, which corresponds to the regenerating state. The measurement of ORP of commercial water is usually in the range of +50 to +500 mV. That is, getting into our body this water will require a certain amount of energy expenditure to balance the potential inside and outside the cell membranes. Such water is destructive for the body. It is believed that the closer the ORP of the fluid entering the body to the ORP inside the cells, the better and faster it is absorbed, and the less the negative impact it carries. A liquid with a more negative ORP. has a greater ability to give off electrons when interacting with substances having a more positive ORP. That is, this water restores. Water with ORP = -500 mV restores damaged cells faster and better than water with ORP = -150 mV.

It’s hard to realize, it’s necessary to drink water, but with every sip of water with positive ORP, we lead our body to illness, aging and destruction.

Very recently, I came across another type of water – water enriched with hydrogen. Studies of this water have already been being conducted for more than ten years with the initiation in Japan. They were the first to create devices for enriching water with hydrogen. It turns out that hydrogen is the ideal antioxidant, neutralizing the hydroxyl compounds, giving them their electrons and turning them into the water.

After a decade of intensive scientific research in the scientific world, it was concluded that water enriched with hydrogen not only supports human health, but also helps it to recover after many, sometimes very serious diseases. The Excess of hydrogen in water does not harm people.

Here are a few important discoveries that have been made over the past decade:

  1. The formation of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) – cellular energy – occurs with the participation of hydrogen. Mitochondria in cells synthesize ATP in the case if there are hydrogen ions on its membrane.
  2. Hydrogen molecules allow the synthesis of any chemical element from the periodic table, completely destroying any toxic compounds.
  3. The following biochemical processes are possible only with the participation of hydrogen: biosynthesis, photosynthesis of bacteria, support of the oxidation-alkaline balance, transportation of nutrients through cell membranes.
  4. Hydrogen saturated water strengthens diuretic processes, thereby improving the functioning of the kidneys.
  5. Hydrogen saturated water helps the liver with fatty hepatosis, significantly reducing fat deposits and helping the liver in the processes of intoxication of the body. Some scientists have come to the conclusion that long-term use of hydrogen water can completely restore the impaired functionality of the liver, especially with infectious and medicinal hepatitises.
  6. The water saturated with hydrogen reduces the number of harmful metabolites in the digestive tract, such as: ammonia, indoles, skatoles, phenols, hydrogen sulfide and histamines.
  7. Hydrogen water increases blood circulation in the muscles, thereby developing and maintaining a muscular capillary system. As a result, muscle tissue develops faster and more actively at any physical load.
  8. It is proved that hydrogen water starts the process of skin rejuvenation, helping the synthesis of collagen (at any age). Researches have shown that collagen of the first type was synthesized twice as much in those skin cells on which hydrogen water was applied. Contact of hydrogen with the skin prevents damage to DNA by external factors, necrosis of cells, reducing the level of free radicals in the skin. It is enough to wash the face twice a day with water enriched with hydrogen, as in three months you will see the disappearance of wrinkles. The skin becomes elastic, tender, smooth. The rashes, black dots and acne leave.
  9. Hydrogen neutralizes a very harmful and toxic compound – biliverdin. In the liver, connective tissue, bone marrow cells and in the spleen, the hemoglobin changed under the influence of oxygen is concentrated. The accumulations of such altered hemoglobin are called “black bile”. This substance is extremely toxic. Its name is biliverdin. Numerous and voluminous clusters of biliverdin is the cause of oxygen starvation of the body. It is very difficult to get rid of biliverdin and usually its destruction occurs in the liver, destroying this substance, but saving a person’s life.Water enriched with hydrogen has the ability to transform biliverdin into bilirubin, which is then excreted from the body. This process of transformation takes only a few hydrogen protons. But what is most surprising is that this process positively affects the nervous system: there is a feeling of calmness, balance, and good mood.
  10. With an excess of hydrogen in drinking water, the need to generate hydrogen from cell fluids is stopped. As a result, the necessary liquid in the body remains, which causes a slowdown in the aging process and the maintenance of natural organic processes. If water enriched with hydrogen does not get in the body, then we observe that the volume of the cell fluid decreases with age. There is a violation of the functions of organs that remove fluid from the body: lungs, kidneys and the digestive tract. This is one of the main reasons for aging and “senile” diseases. In other words that is creating the potential for infirmity in old age.

Генератор водорода3

In addition to philistine articles, on the Internet there are many serious publications showing the amazing therapeutic potential of hydrogen water.

There is a reference to a scientific review of more than five hundred articles on the effect of hydrogen water on more than 150 different diseases, including oncology.

More details may be read here. (Scientific review of 321 articles in English)

Here you will read an article of Dr. Julian Whitaker, a true pioneer and follower of alternative medicine. He is also the author, teacher, founder and director of the Whitaker Wellness Institute – spent more than 40 years helping people to improve their quality of life by providing them with knowledges and tools for health and wellness.

He is the author of many books about health: Reversing Hypertension; The Memory Solution; Shed 10 Years in 10 Weeks; The Pain Relief Breakthrough; Reversing Heart Disease, Reversing Diabetes; and Dr. Whitaker’s Guide to Natural Healing.


System approach

In my search for alternative treatments, I looked at the human organism from the point of view of a systemic approach. It is known that absolutely all diseases are divided into psychosomatic (with a psychological cause) and somatopsychological (with a physiological prime cause). For example, panic attacks have a psychological prime cause, but the person feels quite physiological sensations, like: increased heart rate, excessive sweating, pressure jumps, painful sensations, near fainting state and so on. In the initiation of this violation, at first there appeared fear of an event that had the potential of a threat to survival (even a rather far-fetched threat). The sympathetic department of the autonomic nervous system was activated, which triggered the release of adrenaline into the blood. There were inexplicable and unpleasant bodily sensations. The man felt fear or even an attack of panic and “attached” this event to some geographical location: a shop, a subway, an elevator. Several such repeated reactions and this location is entrenched as the initiator of this process. After several years, the afferent reaction starts to react to thoughts – that’s how a person thought about the possibility of such an attack and the process started. As you understand, both psychological and physiological processes are involved in such kind of situation.

Or, a person first experiences renal colics. This is an obvious physiological prime cause. With repeated painful experience, vegetative efferent processes begin to react to future possible attacks of severe pain and the reaction is fixed. In a while, it is enough to think with fear of the possibility of an attack, as an attack is initiated. Here we observe how physiology initiates a psychological reaction and, over time, a psychological reaction initiates a physiological process (for example, muscle spasm).

Surely, if we approach the problem one-sidedly and pay attention only to the psychological or physiological side of the problem, then there cannot be any complete recovery.

For a more illustrative example, let us take a depressive state. It would seem that the state is pure psychological. However, in 4 out of 10 cases, depression cannot be treated with psychotherapy. The reason is in a constant inflammatory process, for example, rheumatoid arthritis. So we must first cope with the inflammatory process, and then address psychology.

This is what made me look for more systemic approaches in the treatment of the body. Of course, there are non-steroid drugs, but if the inflammatory process lasts for months, non-steroid drugs are not a solution.

It turned out that hydrogen water copes well with the pain syndrome and very successfully extinguishes the inflammatory process without any side effects.

The supply of hydrogen into the body can be carried out through water, skin osmosis (baths, local or complete) or gaseous (through the respiratory tract).

Now we are studying the best way to provide such a service to our patients.

There is even more amazing water – the so-called super-ionized water (AuDo water) with three electrons. Its inventor, Ayhan Doyuk is the president of the Turkish company Perfect Science, the manufacturer of this water, built for 48 million dollars. This water has three electrons in each molecule. In it, the oxygen atom is more negative than the hydrogen atom and is more attractive to the binding electrons. No one can explain how it works.

In the US, almost the magical effect of this water was demonstrated at an international conference. Contaminated water was poured into two tanks: a concentrated solution of sewage water was poured into one tank, and the other – contaminated water with oil products. Over those two waters, a thin layer of AuDo water was poured. In two hours, the water in both containers became absolutely transparent.

Also, the purifying power of this water with engine oil was demonstrated: poured machine oil into a test tube with this water after shaking completely disappeared. Water again became transparent. Instead of engine oil in a test tube with water were amino acids and proteins.

Extensive experiments on cleaning of large volumes of water were carried out in Turkey. For several months such massifs of water as the sea bay can be returned to the state when the water in it was 100-200 years ago. It was shown that the mass of water, the seabed up to 30 meters of deep soils, and the coastal area can be purified.

Moreover, this amazing water extinguishes burning methane in garbage dumps. As its known, burning methane is very difficult to stop. Spraying this water over a burning dump, firefighters watched as the methane stopped burning in a few minutes.

At the same time, all hydrocarbons were converted to organic fertilizers, leaving no traces of inorganic substances from which they were made of. As a result, all the disgusting smells of the landfill disappeared within a few minutes. The place, which recently had a fetid smell, again smelled of cleanliness, as if a landfill had never been there. This water is able to extinguish very quickly forest or oil fires. After processing the burning space, the fire cannot resume. There is evidence that this water turns gasoline into some non-combustible substance.

When the space with contaminated toxic wastes was covered with this water, specialists saw how plants, vegetables and fruits begin to germinate there in just a few days. Several large countries, including Russia, conducting extensive researches, gradually purify the polluted waters of lakes and rivers, using this magical water.

The eyewitnesses said:

  • Everything, it contacts with, everything it completely changes and transforms into a positive situation and creates something useful for the world. This is the living consciousness in the Water.

Here you can read about this water in English.

In the same way, this water can be used to cleanse the human body. In Europe, a bottle of 0.75 liters costs 11 dollars.

Лого АуДоАуДо вода


There are three more important products. We recommend to use with hydrogen therapy.

  1. Gidrosel
  2. Microhydride
  3. H-500


Intracellular and intercellular water has a sufficiently low surface tension. To improve its characteristics, “Gidrosel” is used. The product “Gidrosel” is a mineral concentrate that reduces the surface tension of water and improves the characteristics of the intercellular fluid, such as pH and conductivity, thus creating conditions for more active fluid participation in biochemical processes.


The colloidal basis for the construction of mineral crystals is a source of negatively charged ions. Acting like tiny magnets, they attract molecules of water to their surface, forming liquid crystals. The electric charge that appears on the crystals changes the properties of the water.

The “Microhydride” product contains silicone dioxide. Silicon dioxide is in the form of microspheres with a diameter of about 5 nm, which are grouped together to form larger structures. Such particles have a lot of charged sites, easily bind to water and fat-soluble substances, have physical properties that are not characteristic for other forms of silicon dioxide. Nutrients must be dissolved before they are utilized by the body. Water-soluble substances have a critical surface tension (CST). This is the ultimate surface tension, when the value is exceeded, the substance is not wetted.


Н-500 – makes water up to -500 mV ORP. Water with such a negative ORP wets the surface due to the presence of an extensive hydrogen bond. The hydrogen atoms in the water molecule carry a positive charge. To be wettable, the surface must carry a negative electrical charge.

The electric charge on colloidal particles is much greater than the charge of the hydrogen bond. Added to food, they attach to the surface of nutrients, increasing it and creating a huge number of areas where the connection through hydrogen bonds in the entire volume of the liquid occurs. As a result, 100% wettability of the product is ensured.

Fat-soluble nutrients are not wetted with water. Encapsulating oil particles, a tiny ball is created in the colloidal structure, which is connected to the outside with water, and the inner surface with oil, having a negative charge on the surface. It is this charge that causes the absorption of food particles by the intestinal mucosa and their further assimilation.

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Yuri Medvin,
Doctor of medical psychotherapy, professor, hypnotherapist