Kateryna Kutishenko – Hypnologist of the Center of Rehabilitation Hypnotherapy

Kateryna Kutishenko – graduated specialist in hypnology.

She passed a series of studies on hypnology (“Principles of Hypnology”, “Practice Hypnology”, “Intensive Course of Hypnology”) under the direction of PhD, professor of psychology Yurii Medvin.

Since July 2015, she has been working at the Center of Rehabilitation Hypnotherapy as a hypnologist, and also as an assistant of professor Medvin. He has an extensive experience working with people of different ages (from 9 to 80 years old), culture, religion
Kateryna Kutishenko is co-author and the top billing person of the author’s program of Y.Medvin “Studying English in the Hypno state” – https://medvin.org/english/.

Moreover, Kateryna is the only hypnotherapist in Kiev who works with home visits (the service is relevant for those clients who do not have the opportunity to come to our center regularly).

The specialist has a degree in management (Master of NASAA 2013).
She worked in Los Angeles, California, USA as a teacher of English for Russian-speakers (has an international certificate of TESOL).

Regardless of the request, the work is always built individually. Sessions can take place both in Russian, Ukrainian or English languages. She is very flexible in work and able to adapt quickly to the situation, even with the most difficult requests.