Alternative states of consciousness during active life

Active Trance State (ATS) 1

ATS of the first level of depth. Some effects such as control over emotional states, initial access to internal resources and the initial stop of internal dialogue are achieved. Learned the skills to enter and stay in the ATS, you can change the attention – its volume, stability, shiftability, distributability, degree of concentration, distractibility and the degree of concentration or dispersal. Opening the reserve capabilities of the body, you can not only not spend the strength of the body, but, conversely, do any kind ow work much more efficiently and economically than in the usual waking state. Peace and harmony return to the relationships with other people.


ATS of the second level of depth. Effects such as control over own psychological and physiological states are achieved, more effective work with the materialization of goals and desires. There is a development of primary skills of control over own reality. It is easy to improve the ability to perceive from the subconscious any, including subthreshold, information, thereby developing intuitive and biolocation abilities of a person.


ATS of the third level of depth. Skills in working with metaphorical spaces are being developed. Skills to control own emotional states are being developed. Full stop of the internal dialogue. Two-way communication with the noosphere. It is possible to achieve a complete absence of fatigue independently or with the help of a hypnologist. The level of endurance of the body increases, especially in combination with a special system of physical exercises. As a result, a significant healing effect is noticed.

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Yuri Medvin,
Doctor of medical psychotherapy, professor, hypnotherapist